About Grace Wesleyan Church

Welcome to the Grace Wesleyan Church website.  We hope you enjoy your visit and we look forward to worshipping with you soon.

What We Believe

  • We believe in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe that the Holy Scriptures are the inspired Word of God.
  • We believe that by the grace of God those who repent of their sins and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ are justified by faith.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross that he rose again and now sits at the Fathers right hand until he returns to judge each and every person.


Grace Wesleyan Church Bio

Grace-Wesleyan-ChurchThis contemporary edifice contains 9,600 square feet of floor space.  The total seating capacity of the sanctuary, including the overflow and balcony, is 360.  The educational facilities consist of numerous classrooms adequate to house five Sunday school departments.

The church is located on the corner of East Franklin and North Pike Streets.  It contains a parking lot for twenty cars and has adequate street parking to accommodate the crowds which we anticipate.

Nearly 50 years ago, a group of devout Christians began the First Pilgrim Holiness Church in Shelbyville, Indiana.  The work was organized by Reverend Area Montgomery, Superintendent of the Indiana District., with 16 charter members.  For a while, services were held in a store building at the corner of Montgomery and Broadway Streets.  Our first pastor was Reverend Maurice G. Cole.

Three years later a house on 224 East Pennsylvania Street was donated by Miss Stella Jackson.  The partitions were taken out and services were held there for a while.  Plans were then made to tear down the house and build a new church in its place.

With faith and determination the people set to work.  Even though this was during the depression, the needs were supplied in a remarkable way so that when the church was completed it was free of debt.  Reverend Charles McHenry was our pastor at this time.

Having had many successful revivals down through the years it became a growing concern of the people that there be more room in order to take care of the increase in attendance.  As a result a building fund was started during the ministry of Reverend Marvin Jewell and they continued to pray for Divine guidance in this matter.

In February of 1962, the Evangelical and United Church of Christ building burned.  The shell that remained on the corner of Franklin and Pike was a disheartening sight, so the people of this church decided to sell the building.

We pilgrims felt that if it could be rebuilt this might be the opportunity to have the larger church that was desired.  As the members considered this, it looked like a near impossible situation, but our pastor, Reverend C.M. Swayzee, had a vision and we the people caught that vision.  On March 2, 1963 the First Pilgrim Holiness Church purchased this property.  It was a challenging experience as pastor and people worked together as builders.

December 15, 1963, thirty-four years to the day after organizing the church, we held our first service in this lovely new church.  At last the vision has become a reality and the work of soul winning and kingdom building goes on.

In June 1968 at the General Conference the Wesleyan Methodist Church and the Pilgrim Holiness Church merged forming The Wesleyan Church.  Thereafter the First Pilgrim Holiness Church became the Grace Wesleyan Church of Shelbyville, Indiana.