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Pastors and Wife’s Bio

Dr. John Hundley

Dr. John and Lana Hundley

 John Hundley holds his doctorate in religion, and has been in some phase of the ministry for over fifty years.  He has been in the pastorate about 25 years and in the field of evangelism for about 25 years.  Concurrently, as he pastored, he taught Hermeneutics, Homiletics, Bible Doctrine, and a study on many of the books of the Bible.  He has directed workshops, seminars, and symposiums on a variety of subjects when he pastored, and across the land as he traveled in the field of evangelism. His approach and presentation to the ministry is unique.  He draws from the various fields of science and psychology for material, but uses the Scriptures as his chief text.

Lana Hundley begin her music ministry at the very early age of seven.  Immediately she was aware of the anointing of the Holy Spirit on her life.  As time progressed, she begin playing the piano for singing groups: The Sons of Melody, The Hoosier Harmony Boys, The Galileans, The Sounds of Glory (who produced two albums).

Lana’s heart’s desire has always been to be used of God.  At present, she and her husband, John, are serving the Lord as pastors of the Grace Wesleyan Church in Shelbyville, Indiana.  Lana is Music Director there.

Together, John’s and Lana’s first desire is to be in the center of God’s will.


Ministry Team

Senior Pastor – Dr. John Hundley

Music Director – Lana Hundley


Senior Adult Ministries (SAM) – Rev. Floyd Thomas


Missionary Director – Mrs. Peggy Thomas